Paintless dent repair does not require the use of paint at any point in the process. As the vehicle keeps its original paint, there is no colour matching or repainting required. Not only does this mean that the process is cheaper than that of traditional panel beating techniques, it also means that the resale value of the vehicle is higher than it would be if repainting were repainted.

Quicker than traditional methods

Cheaper and quicker than traditional panel beating methods, paintless dent removal involves extremely specialised and technical skills. Whilst the results are flawless, this modern technique cannot be used to repair all dents. Vehicle damage caused by hail and other objects that cause body creases and indentations are no match for the paintless dent repair technique.

How does it work?

Massaging the soft vehicle metal, panel beaters slowly manipulate the surface back to its original appearance. The paintless dent removal technique involves using various fabricated tools that are purpose designed from high strength steel.