The Basics of Services Page Design

The Services page is often the second or third link in a top navigation. Businesses understand that new visitors to a business site are looking for information about the company.

New website visitors check out the homepage for the basics. From there, the visitors dig deeper into who the company is and what they offer. This is where the visitor often navigates to the Services page to understand in more detail what the company offers. The visitor is trying to figure out if they should contact the company to speak with someone or to request a quote or to even begin working together.

The Headline and Sub-headings

I’m a fan of headlines on each page. I feel like a person should be able to scan your page for the basic information and they should be able to do it in a second or two.

When someone visits your Services page they should see a Services headline at the top of the page. This reinforces that the person is on the page they wanted to find. The last thing you want is someone to wonder if they are even on your Services page. Make it obvious.


Next, each of your services should be listed with sub-headings. This allows the visitor to quickly assess what your company offers. It’s a good experience for the person to quickly realize if they are in the right place. If they realize maybe the company isn’t for them they can leave or they can dig a little deeper. It’s good to be honest about what you do. It saves you and the site visitor time. Think about those inquiries you get that don’t turn out. Good Services page design can help alleviate some of these no-go inquiries.

Short vs. Long Form

The next question depends on how much detail you want to include on your Services page. There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to how long your Services page should be. If you offer quite a few services (more than four perhaps) it might be best to have snippets of information with links to an entire page about each service. You could also link to your portfolio with examples for each type of service offered.

Visualscope Studios
Visualscope Studios

If you are a smaller firm or a firm that offers just one or two main services you can probably include all the information on the Services page. Don’t be afraid to make the page long-form. Visitors will read all of the information if they are really interested in your services. In most cases, the people that are willing to read all the details are the best customers. You could create the long-form page as a way to find the best potential clients.


An important feature on a Services page that sometimes is overlooked is the call-to-action.

Consider the mindset of the visitor to the Services page. They have found your homepage. They understand the basics of your company. They were interested in what you offer so they visited your Services page and read all the details about what you can offer them that will make their life better, easier or more profitable. They finish reading the page. They may have checked out your portfolio and navigated back to the Services page for one last look.

Now they’re ready to contact you and they can’t find the contact call-to-action. Perhaps the link to the contact page is way back at the top of the page or even buried in the footer as a small link.

The Services page needs a call-to-action. It should be accessible probably near the top of the page and also near the bottom of the page. You could include the contact form right on the Services page, but at least include a link or a visual for the person to contact your company via form, email or telephone.