Founder and Director


WOMANONFIRE T/A Springfield Panel and Paint

WomanOnFire (Pty)Ltd T/A Springfield Panel and Paint (SPP)was established in 2013, it is owned and managed by black women of Coloured descent. We are a proudly South African institution; our vision is based on sound principles and values, and one that is built on the skills of top people who are recruited for their vision, drive and expertise, regardless of race, gender or age. We have strategically positioned ourselves at the heart of KZN and our vision is to deliver a service and quality that is number one. Our focus are our customers. We have identified and are committed to ensuring that we meet and deliver on the expectations of our customers and staff.

Our company, WomanOnFire(PTY)Ltd is founded and dedicated for the purpose of empowering woman. Our management team has had fundamental years of experience in the auto body repair business and have the expertise to ensure that quality is maintained. Panel beating and Spray painting is our core business. We are a level ONE BBBEE provider and proud members of the SAARSA and CRA associations.

We establish relationships with our suppliers and our clients. The smooth running of our operations and our highly efficient team ensures that we can meet our clients' needs in the shortest possible time.

Our current average repairs are 110 vehicles per month.

 Business Philosophy

As a company we have adopted a business philosophy of Impeccable corporate governance, integrity, honesty, accountability to all stakeholders, and a commitment to pushing the boundaries are non-negotiable components of our overall philosophy as well as to:

  • Put our customers first and strive to ensure top quality service
  • Do things right the first time, by providing error free service that are ready and suitable to gain quality advantage
  • To train and develop our Employees to help them achieve their full potential
  • We embrace Professionalism and seek Excellence in all we do.
  • To help and serve our communities for betterment and endeavour for a better  work, live and grow
  • To be leaders in our Industry.
  • To understand Our role in Your business, eg, The quicker we deliver on quality service, the more cost effective it is for an Insurance company.(savings in car hire) etc.

     To acquire industry based advantage at (SPP) will:

  • Do things cost effectively ,by putting the client’s needs before operational needs
  • Do things fast ,by providing the best service and quality within the shortest time-frame
  • Change things quickly , by adapting to the market and most importantly adapting to our clients needs and expectations
  • Do things better ,our business will endeavour to provide a better total service package compared to our competitors to maintain its service advantage in the industry


Operations and Technology

  1. Paint System RM
  2. Spraybooths, Preparation bays, Mixing Rooms, Strata, Devilbiss and 3M equipment
  3. DR Smash (quotes ,costing, Pastel accounting system email and sms to customers)
  4. Dry flatting prep bays with energy cost extraction
  5. Infra-red paint cures station
  6. Qualified and experienced staff and semi-skilled staff.

 Marketing Strategies

There is a combined strategy of price discounts and allowances with the introduction of new products and promotions. SPP pricing will play an important role in helping to accomplish the company’s objectives and more importantly maintain and acquire loyal customers


SPP is currently in the growth stage of the product life cycle and will maintain to use the best products within the industry:

  • RM(life time warranty on paint)
  • 3M polishing systems
  • Bulldog abrasives
  • Envirobase high performance